Free Core Vaccination for Life, save money for your pet

We continue to offer an exciting program to encourage annual wellness examinations, and you can save money on the cost of vaccines for your pet.…
Free Vaccination for Life Program

Pets age faster than humans, so a yearly exam is critical to maintaining optimal health. In order to help clients provide their pets with optimal care without breaking their budget, we are proud to introduce the “Free Vaccination for Life Program”.

For a commitment to bring your pet in once every 12 months for an annual comprehensive wellness exam ($86) with paid heartworm and intestinal parasite tests ($30 each), we will give all needed core vaccines for no additional charge.

All our service offered to clients from Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Maple, Aurora, North York, Newmarket, Thornhill, and other GTA.

That’s right, free. No hidden costs, no gimmicks, and free vaccines for the life of your pet. Just in case you are wondering… these are the same vaccines we give to all patients whether they are enrolled in the program or not. They are not lower grade, cheaper or anything less than the exact same high-quality vaccines we have always used.

Your pet receives all its core avaccines FOR FREE.

No monthly fees, no bills. Just stay on time, come in at least once a year for a doctor exam , and your pet will continue to enjoy the protection of all of the appropriately recommended vaccines for life – AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Vaccines that are FREE with a paid exam as part of this program:

Annual or Triennial Rabies (as required)Annual or Triennial Rabies (as required)
Annual or Triennial DAPPAnnual or Triennial FVRCP

Other services and products received or purchased at the time of the exam/visit are NOT free and are at an additional cost to the doctor exam fee. These additional costs include services and products such as de-worming, flea treatments, heartworm prevention, Leptospirosis and Lyme vaccinations, and Feline Leukemia tests. It is our goal to enable you to choose these tests and treatments more frequently since you will have the yearly financial burden of vaccinations lifted.

While a doctor exam is only required once a year to keep enrollment current for adult pets, puppies and kittens must adhere to the recommended vaccination schedule. Puppies and kittens usually need to be seen by the doctor and receive booster vaccinations approximately every three weeks until they are about sixteen weeks old.

People have asked us why we would do this. The answer is actually quite simple. We like knowing that we have made a difference in the life of our patients. We want our patients to be healthy and to live a long, enjoyable, happy life. By offering vaccines at no charge, we hope that will make it easier for owners to do preventative testing and diagnostics for their pet which will make it possible to detect potential problems earlier, easier and for less expense.

**The plan is non-transferable or exchangeable for any reason. It may NOT be combined with any special discounts offered online or in publications.**