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From puppy and kitten visits to care for the golden years, we’ll be here for you in good times and bad with compassion, professionalism, and modern veterinary medicine. Our services include ultrasound, soft tissue surgery, radio surgery, endoscopic ear treatment, wellness care, and more.

“The entire procedure fell well above the minimum standards expected of veterinarians in Ontario with respect to patient preparation, anesthesia, monitoring of and surgical technique.” – What Dr. David J. Kerr, DVM former President of CVO was talking about Dr. Dariy and Surgical Practice in Weldrick Animal Hospital.


TICKS can carry a lot of horrible diseases.

$1 a day can prevent these harmful diseases.

Reliable protection against ticks and fleas with every annual wellness examination. Even in these difficult times, we have not raised the price of tick and flea protection. Our goal is to provide pet owners with the best possible treatment to reduce their costs. These pesky parasites can cause serious health issues for both your furry friend and your household.

Dog Services

Cat Services

More affordable Dental Cleaning with full mouth X-Ray than ever

All-inclusive is only 760$ plus HST(under 20 kg). Why do we do it? Because we believe in what we do, we love animals and simply put...We can and we will!All-inclusive cost includes oral examinations, Full Mouth Dental X-Ray, pre-surgical blood work, IV...

Allergies, we can manage them

A lot of things can make a dog itchy: fleas, mites, skin infections, and food allergies, to name a few.One of my favorite things about working in veterinary dermatology is being able to help animals that have been suffering from intense itchy...

Free Core Vaccination for Life, save money for your pet

We continue to offer an exciting program to encourage annual wellness examinations, and you can save money on the cost of vaccines for your pet.… Free Vaccination for Life Program Pets age faster than humans, so a yearly exam is critical to maintaining optimal...

Low Stress Visit

Take the stress out of going to the vet: Is your companion animal ready for a veterinarian check-up? Or maybe you’d like to know how to be well-prepared to provide for your furry, feathery, slimy, or scaly friend’s needs in the event of...

Breeding and Reproduction

Our doctor understands the emotional commitment, financial expenses, and pride that go into breeding and showing purebred dogs and cats. We will assist you with all of your reproductive needs to produce and maintain the healthiest breeding litter possible.

Progesterone and Artificial Insemination

We priced our services for canine semen collection, semen evaluation, artificial semen insemination (AI), and Ultrasound pregnancy check (30 days plus after insemination...

Pregnancy Ultrasound and X-Ray

"Ultrasound is the ‘gold standard’ for detecting pregnancy and assessing the viability of the fetuses." Our prices for pregnancy check with Ultrasound is $96...

Planning Your Dog’s C-Section

Planning Your Dog's C-Section Everything you need to know to prepare you, your dog, and your household for the upcoming C-section. When is an elective...

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In your search for a veterinary hospital, we believe that you expect high quality care as well as great service. Our goal has been to assemble a veterinary health care team committed to providing exceptional client service and veterinary health care.

Our Happy Pet Families

I've been taking our French bulldog, Belly, to Dr. Dariy since she was a tiny puppy. He's incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in guiding us on caring for her, especially since she's our first Frenchie. Dr. Dariy always provides valuable advice, is honest, and patiently addresses all my questions during each visit...

May N


Dr. Sergiy Dariy is a great vet who is very knowledgeable and down to earth and his assistant Eugene is always pleasant, professional, and helpful. I wouldn't take our beloved family pet Pepper the Pup anywhere else...

Tiny T


I've gone here for four visits for my cats and the experiences have been great. One of my cats was having issues with chewing and now is all better after dental procedures with Dr. Dariy. The visits have been professional, and I can tell that Dr. Dariy and Yeogene care about animals and their well-being. ..

Cara L


We have been going to Weldrick Animal Hospital for the past 5.5 years and no words can truly describe the appreciation I have for them. Our two English bulldogs have been transformed thanks to the exceptional care from Dr. Dariy. If you're a parent to any squished-face pup, this place is like a haven. Dr. Dariy's expertise is evident, and Eugene's compassion is unmatched. They don’t just treat pets here; they change their lives for the better...

Rita N

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