Reproductive Services

Our doctor understands the emotional commitment,  financial expenses, and pride that go into breeding  and showing purebred dogs and cats.

We will assist you with all of your reproductive needs to produce and maintain the healthiest breeding litter possible.

Our clinic offers reproductive services for both male and female dogs and cats.

We priced our services for canine semen collection, semen evaluation, artificial semen insemination and Ultrasound pregnancy check (30 days plus after insemination included) with all included for $260 plus HST. Before any artificial insemination, we highly recommend running the progesterone test. Additional tests are also available per doctor recommendations.

Here at Weldrick Animal Hospital in Richmond Hill, we provide you with the tools for a breeding program and outstanding offspring. Canine reproductive services offered at our Animal Hospital are:

  • Canine semen collection, and evaluation.
  • Canine artificial insemination, including standing, fresh-chilled.
  • Surgical intrauterine insemination, utilizing fresh-chilled or collected semen
  • Pregnancy diagnosis, with ultrasound or radiographs
  • Pregnancy management
  • Ovulation timing
  • Canine and feline c-sections, using specific anesthetic protocols, monitoring,
  • Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) certification of hips, elbows, patellae, heart and thyroid function
  • Perinatal care
  • Medical and surgical management of canine and feline pyometra

Our vet is available for consultations on infertility in male and female cats and dogs.

Before any artificial insemination male and female MUST be tested and found DNA negative for Brucellosis (this is a zoonotic disease). You can order this test from your local clinic or with us.

Pedigrees can be reviewed as needed and nutritional guidelines during pregnancy discussed.