Advanced Surgical Practice

“The entire procedure fell well above the minimum standards expected of veterinarians in Ontario with respect to patient preparation, anesthesia, monitoring of  and surgical technique.” – What Dr. David J. Kerr, DVM former President of CVO was talking about Dr. Dariy and Surgical Practice in Weldrick Animal Hospital when he was observing our surgical services.

We exist to provide our clients with quality veterinary medicine in a caring and professional environment. We emphasize service through a responsive, professional and communicative staff committed to providing quality care in an effective, courteous, expedient manner.

Our fully extensive trained veterinary/technical staff ensures the safest, most efficient, state-of-the-art procedures for your pet. All patients are carefully screened pre-operatively, and anesthetics are specifically tailored for your pet’s individual needs. A surgical personal carefully monitor your pet throughout the entire procedure until they are fully recovered. We follow the same protocol your surgeon would and monitor using ECG, temperature, blood pressure, and pulse-oximeter.
At Weldrick Animal Hospital, our practice is dedicated also to the oral, surgical, and full mouth rehabilitation of animals. Our priority is maintaining the health, aesthetics of your pet’s smile, a mouth free of pain, and providing a quick recovery. Years of experience along with the use of our advanced machinery allow us to execute accurate radiography, monitor vital signs, and diagnose disease. With the credentials and expertise to perform complex procedures in the safest manner, you can remain confident while entrusting our staff to handle your animals.

One important feature that we offer a state-of-the-art surgical method known as pet radiosurgery. Radiosurgery uses high-frequency radio waves instead of a scalpel or laser to make incisions. This technique dramatically reduces bleeding, swelling, tissue damage, nerve damage and post-operative discomfort — partly due to its extraordinary precision and partly because it cauterizes as it cuts. In fact, pet radiosurgery creates 30 percent less tissue damage than a modern surgical laser. We’re delighted to be able to offer this advanced surgical service to our patients.

Veterinary surgery can improve a pet’s quality of life or even save that life, depending on the circumstances. But if you need to schedule any kind of surgery for your beloved companion, you want to know that your Weldrick veterinarian has the skills, expertise and technology to perform this work. Here at Weldrick Animal Hospital, you can rest assured that Dr. Sergiy Dariy can deliver the compassionate care and expert touch required for a wide range of surgical procedures, from routine sexual sterilization, c-section or skin tumor removal to emergency treatment.