Spay and Neuter

There are no separate charges for pain medications, intravenous fluid therapy, monitoring, or any other “hidden” fees.

At Weldrick Animal Hospital in Richmond Hill, our surgery fees are all-inclusive.

We also offer this to clients from Markham, Newmarket, Thornhill, Vaughan, Maple, Aurora, North York, and Toronto area.

All of our patients are under the supervision and monitored at all times.

All of our surgical patients receive pain medication before, during and after every procedure. We believe that every surgical procedure is painful and that all patients should receive proper pain control. In other words, pain control is not an “option” in our practice that you “pay extra” for.

All surgeries that require gas anesthesia include an intravenous catheter and continuous fluid administration throughout the surgery and recovery period. This helps maintain blood pressure which protects the kidneys, increases the absorption of pain medications during the procedure and speeds recovery afterward. It also guarantees access to the bloodstream for medications should a complication arise during any surgical procedure.

We recommend blood work be run for every surgical patient beforehand to ensure that there are no pre-existing problems with their kidneys, liver or blood sugar levels before they are anesthetized. For older patients (basically those over 5 years old) it is a requirement.

To provide optimum protection and safeness, to ensure your pet’s surgery is successful and without complications, we strongly request that core vaccine ( Rabies) and heartworm test, be given before surgery or on the day of surgery if your pet is not up to date (Rabies up-to-day, heartworm test should be done within the last year). We will request proof of vaccination and heartworm test at the time of drop-off. If you currently do not have a veterinarian, this is a good time to start a relationship to partner in your pet’s future health.

If your animal requires any vaccinations or heartworm test, the price will be  $35 for each vaccination and $30 for the heartworm test.

While many pet owners are concerned about the added cost of an additional test to detect heartworm infection and vaccinations prior to any elective surgery for their pets, this cost is minimal in comparison to the problems that could be caused by an undetected problem during even minor, routine surgery.

Surgery prices for spay and neuter of dogs(under 3 years of age) by body weight:
Under 10 kg$500 plus hst (all inclusive)
From 10 kg to 20 kg$600 plus hst (all inclusive)
From 20 kg to 25 kg$800 plus hst (all inclusive)


Spay of cats (under 3 years old) cost just started from $500 plus HST(all inclusive) (depends on pet’s age).

Male cats /cats neuter/ costs just $260 plus HST (all inclusive).

Proof of vaccination is required for each pet and must be up to date.

Please be advised, when booking for surgeries, a non-refundable deposit of $90 (which goes back into your surgery price) has to be made in order to reserve your time spot. (The deposit will not be refundable if you decide to cancel or reschedule your surgery appointment).

For pets older than 3 years old please give us a call.

For your convenience, we will provide all required core vaccinations at an additional charge.